Letter from Principal Desk



At Sanskrithi Foundation, we believe that the talent in every child blossoms beautifully when he/she is allowed to learn things at his/her own pace, in an environment that brings the best out of his/her. The teaching methodology at Sanskrithi reflects the unique philosophy of Montessori teaching and strives to encourage every child to be best he/she can.

While the focus continues to be education, it is education with a difference – education that suits the present times. No longer is it just academics to the exclusion of discovering, exploring and bringing to forefront capabilities each child is born with but a curriculum that ignites imagination, originality and creativity. At Sanskrithi Foundation,together with academics, humanities, art and drama are given their fair share of importance.

Fully immersed and directed towards the need of the times our dedicated staff leaves no stone unturned to furnish and equip the students with intellectual literary and value based education. We strive to rest in every student a sense of virtue and wisdom, sensitivity to the needs of others, the skills, the attitude and habits that would help them to explore and excel a quest for knowledge and the power of action.

I thank the management for giving me this opportunity to endeavour to drive deeper into the purpose of education and ensure that our school will always remain the foremost temple of learning where there are equal opportunities for all so that they can rise to their fullest potential. I take this opportunity to express my heartfull gratitude to our management.

It is a vain attempt, however to record the many victories that a school accomplishes in an academic year. Many lives –changing battles are won within the walls of a classroom that can never be corroborated.

Forever grateful to God, who watches over us even when the earth quakes, for entrusting us with the task of shaping the lives of students.