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“9 Achievements in 4 years of Early Childhood Learning @ Sanskrithi Foundation, Montessori House of Children.”

Ranjitha Pradeep , Managing Director

About Sanskrithi Foundation

Montessori established in the year 2008 with the aim of providing a solid foundation and wholesome learning experience for tiny stars of tomorrow.

Our Mission

> Providing a safe, loving and nurturing environment for each child.
> Engaging child socially, emotionally and educationally to ensure great academic future and life.
> Create a sense of security and self confidence in every child leading to their happiness.

Why Early Childhood at Sanskrithi Foundation?

Early childhood refers to the age group between 0-8 years. It includes the stages of infancy, preschool and the early primary years. The early childhood years i.e the first eight years of the child’s life are critical since development and growth takes place at a rapid pace. If the child is denied an appropriate environment, it can have adverse effects on his or her development. Sanskrithi Foundation, a stimulating environment that provides the child with varied experiences is a must for his or her holistic development. The early childhood years are thus rightly known as the ‘Critical years for development’.

Why Sanskrithi Foundation?


> The most important objective of Sanskrithi Foundation is overall growth and development of the child by ensuring ample opportunities for play, creative thinking, expression, observation, manipulation, experimentation and problem solving.
> To help the child attain all round development -
--> Physical & Motor development
--> Emotional Development
--> Social development
--> Cognitive development
--> Language development
--> Creative development
--> Moral development
> To provide a warm, secure and accepting environment that will help the child develop trust and confidence in oneself and the world around.

Meet Our Team


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Ranjitha Pradeep

Ranjitha Pradeep

Managing Director

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